The Children's Home of Detroit

Our wonderfu Great Lakes Chapter arrived together on September 17th at the Children's Home of
Detroit at 9am armed with full hands and open hearts!  We were greeted with excited anticipation
from the adorable young girls who live there temporarily as we carried in beautiful new bedding and
gift bags to adorn their rooms!  While the Staging took place upstairs, one of our wonderful
chapter members facilitated a "Make a Teddy Bear" party in their living rom where each girl was
encouraged and taught to create their very own stuffed animal!  They were then given felt, red
hearts to tuck inside their bear and make a very special wish.  God only knows what was in each of
these deserving girls' hearts, but as we looked on, our wish... was that their wishes come true!
The girls and the bears were absolutely perfectly huggable!  After that, the girls taught all of us
"Stagers" to dance some fun new dances!!! We all laughed and sang and hugged and cried together!
What a joy it was for everyone!  How special to be able to give in this way in our own communities
and really be able to make a only takes one person, one seed planted and a little
love to change the world, day by day!  I know we will see these little ladies again as the holidays
approach.  They definitely touched us all....and we felt the blessings that day as well!  This was
the beginning of a new tradition that will be looked forward to each and every year!  We all are so
appreciative to Barb Schwarz for initiating this unique event!  Thank you and happy Staging to all!

My warmest personal regards,

- Shelley Wagner